Sunday, 6 December 2009


I do have a personal connection to these two-parishes-becoming-one.  St Edmund of Canterbury parish is where my family lived during the years of my secondary education.

So it is quite pleasing to see the website of these two parishes linking to a number of organisations and apostolates with which I would be in sympathy! The reference to vocations arising from the parishes in the past is quite true. It was only when I moved away from Lancashire that I had to adapt myself to a Catholicism that is culturally Irish rather than English. During my time in Fleetwood I was used to English clergy. Rossall, a suburb of Fleetwood if there can be such a thing, was the home of one Cardinal Allen, founder of seminaries abroad during the time of the reformation in England.


Patricius said...

"One" Cardinal Allen? THE Cardinal Allen, surely!

Joe said...

Of course, Patricius. The Catholic secondary school in the parish is named after him, too.

Anonymous said...

zero says
"Don't you after criticizing the Irish now.."