Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Are rock cakes the new child care?

I was rescued from a child care dilemma this morning by Zero, who bravely looked after three nephews for a couple of hours. Being an experienced chef, she realised that the thing to do was organise the troops to do the work. Now, I wonder whether I could exchange rock cakes for some childcare vouchers?




And the finished product (minus one or two already eaten):

PS: Here in the UK, childcare vouchers are a scheme whereby employees sacrifice some of their salary to buy vouchers that can be redeemed against the cost of childcare. It's all part of the government's moves to encourage parents to work.


Unknown said...

From Zero to Hero!

Anonymous said...

Zero says
They were no trouble and they (like me) knew most of the Dad's army episodes!

Joe said...

... and the three nephews other siblings wolfed down the rock cakes when they arrived to collect them yesterday.