Thursday, 4 November 2010

Forced abortion in China

John Humphrys has visited China, sent by the BBC's Today programme.

One aspect of his visit was a "package" about China's "one child" policy, and the prospect of its being brought to an end. The audio clip can be found here, though I am unclear whether or not this will be a permanent link or the "listen again" which will cease to be available in seven days time.

In a package built around an interview with a poor farmer who has suffered ill health because of a botched sterilisation operation, John says:
Almost everyone knows someone who has been forced to have an abortion, sometimes brutally; and most middle aged women have been sterilised.
Just to document this fully. The statement above was broadcast at 7.15 am on Thursday 4th November, on BBC Radio 4. The statement was made by John Humphrys, a BBC journalist, in a package recorded as part of a visit to China.

The occurence of forced abortions in China appears, therefore, to be a matter of common knowledge among the people there.

International agencies cannot therefore claim ignorance about the nature of China's population control programme.

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