Thursday, 29 July 2010

Why humanists shouldn't join in this Catholic bashing

Auntie Joanna has pointed the way to an interesting article about attacks on the Catholic Church arising from the scandal of child abuse: Why humanists shouldn't join in this Catholic bashing.

Written by someone who is not themselves sympathetic to the Catholic Church or its teaching on human sexuality, the article points out ....

.... the relative rarity of incidents of abuse in the Church, though of course any such incident is a scandal

.... the prejudice of the "new atheism" against any institution with strong beliefs, and the part that this is playing in attacks on the Catholic Church.

The article is thought provoking, and provides some ammunition that is likely to be useful in the coming month or two. Whatever one's view of its provenance - the author appears to be rather in the thick of things as far as political and journalistic controversy goes - I think its content is worthy of consideration. There are also other articles linked at the bottom of this one, though I haven't read them yet.

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