Sunday, 25 July 2010

Just a thought ...

Given that today's Gospel reading at Mass included the Our Father, I wonder how many priests took the opportunity to preach about the Fatherhood of God?

Magnificat to the rescue, offering an extract from Cardinal Jean Danielou as the "Day by Day":
But beyond them [ie the Son and the Spirit] is the mystery of divine fatherhood, the absolute first source of all things, the first source of all Creation, the first source of all grace. This fatherhood is expressed through its manifestation in the world, in creation, where God is the Father who makes his sun shine on the just and the unjust ... It is expressed through Christ's humanity, the humanity of the only Son, through which we may all become sons in the only Son, since we are caught up in the eternal mystery of divine descent, engendered with the only Son to the life of the only Son by the Father, recreated - as he is begotten - eternally, perpetually recreated in this mysterious process of generation, recreated to this life of grace which leads us into participation in the mystery of eternal regeneration.

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