Thursday, 1 July 2010

Bishop Mixa's audience with Pope Benedict

One can only imagine what it must have been like for Bishop Mixa as he went to meet Pope Benedict today. His offer of resignation from his position of Bishop of Augsburg was reported here, on the BBC news website.

Pope Benedict's acceptance of that resignation was confirmed definitively at today's audience. What could also be seen as a canonical penalty - a time of silence, prayer and reconciliation - was also announced. One should not take away from the communique about Bishop Mixa's meeting with Pope Benedict any idea that no action is being taken against him.

The full text of the communique can be found here, at the Vatican news service blog. I found the following part of it particularly moving:
[Bishop Mixa] once again requested forgiveness for all his mistakes but also, and rightly, asks that despite those mistakes, all the good he has done not be forgotten.

The Holy Father expressed the hope that this request for forgiveness will find open ears and open hearts.Following a period of often excessive polemics, the Pope hopes for reconciliation, for a new and reciprocal acceptance in the spirit of mercy of the Lord and in faithful abandonment to His guidance. Above all, the Supreme Pontiff asks his confreres in the episcopal ministry to offer Bishop Mixa, more than in the past, their friendship and closeness, their understanding, and their help to find the right path.

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