Saturday, 31 July 2010

Acts of Mercy

The National Gallery are currently displaying four paintings by Cayley Robinson, with this overall title. The pictures will be on display there until 17th October 2010, after which I assume they will return to their usual home at the Wellcome Foundation. The paintings used to be displayed in the entrance to the Middlesex Hospital, though they are now owned by the Wellcome Foundation. This press release from 2009 includes some information about the purchase of the paintings by the Wellcome Foundation, and, at the bottom, allows you to view each of the four paintings.

The National Gallery's page for the exhibition is here. The BBC link from that page takes you to an informative slideshow about the paintings, giving some idea of the place of the paintings in their original context at the Middlesex Hospital, and an idea of their usual home at the Wellcome Foundation.

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