Saturday, 1 May 2010

Our Lady of the Cenacle

I am a little bit ahead posting on this Mass from the Collection of Masses of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It reflects that period of time between the Ascension and Pentecost, when the Church waits in prayer for the coming of the Holy Spirit. Since I am currently taking part in a series of "New Life in the Spirit" seminars in a nearby parish, it does however reflect my current ecclesial experience.

The Preface for this Mass:

How wonderful is the example you have given us
of harmony and prayer in the Church at its beginning:
you show us the mother of Jesus
as she prays with the apostles
in oneness of mind and heart.

She who waited in prayer for the coming of Christ
is still at prayer
as she calls upon the promised Paraclete;
she who was overshadowed by the Spirit
at the incarnation of the Word
is once more filled with your Gift from on high
at the birth of God's new people.

As she keeps vigil in prayer,
her heart on fire with love,
she is the model of the Church,
enriched by the gifts of the Spirit
and keeping watch for the Second Coming of Christ.
And the Opening Prayer:

Lord our God,
as the Blessed Virgin was at prayer with the apostles
you poured out on her in abundance
the gifts of the Holy Spirit;
grant through her intercession
that we too, being filled with the same Spirit,
may persevere with one mind in prayer
and bring to the world around us
the good news of salvation.

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