Sunday, 2 May 2010

Bluebells ... and Coggeshall

We started our walk at St Paul's Church, Bentley, which is part of this three-church benefice in the Church of England. It looks a bit different in rain than it does on the website.

If you go walking in the rain, it is always wise to be waterproof - even down to footwear! This is in Mores Wood, just outside Brentwood.

These next photographs are from a walk from Kelveden to Coggeshall (and back) three weeks ago. The building in the background of the second photograph is part of the remains of Coggeshall Abbey which, as you can see, are in use as a stables.

There is a much better quality of signage on the roads in these far flung corners of the Essex countryside. I suppose you have to just toss a coin to decide which is the best way back to Kelvedon!


madame evangelista said...

Love the 'beware ducks' sign! Those bluebells are gorgeous.

Joe said...

Have added another bluebell photo since your comment. These woods are only 15 minutes drive from where we live, and it was a lovely spot to walk through ...