Saturday, 3 April 2010

Holy Saturday: the Vigil of Mary

The title of one of the icons on the Ark of the New Covenant of the International Eucharistic Congress 2008 was the Vigil of Mary. It represents the figure of Mary/the Church as she awaits the Resurrection of the Lord.

Mary is the central figure - we are drawn to her
The crucified Jesus is on the cross in the background
Mary’s left hand points to Jesus, the source of our salvation
Mary’s downward look is contemplative (reminds us of her response to the Lord’s invitation to make the new and everlasting Covenant happen (Lk.1:38))
3 stars on Mary, one on each shoulder and one above her forehead, affirm and proclaim the total virginity of Mary - before, during and after the birth of Jesus
The icon asks us if we can be as faithful and steadfast to the Father as was Mary

Mary’s yes to the God of the Covenant- starting at the annunciation:
became the beginning of the Church
accompanied the incarnation of God’s Word from the first moment of his conception to his death & resurrection

The Church:
contemplates Mary at the foot of the cross as the glorious and sorrowful icon of its own mystery of communion
is destined, like Mary, to the glory of being the spouse of the Lamb

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