Friday, 11 September 2009

Venice Film Festival: Lourdes

A short piece in the arts pages of The Times today has put me on to the film Lourdes, featuring at the Venice Film Festival:

Best-received film
Lourdes has met with universal support and deservedly so - the film is exquisite, blending a sardonic humour with compassionate humanism. Sylvie Testud is outstanding as the wheelchair-bound MS sufferer who regains the use of her limbs after a pilgrimage.

The Times also reports that "The strongest contender for the top prize however is Jessica Hausner's brilliant Lourdes." The film is in French.

Here are some links to presentations and reviews of the film:

In Italian: (includes brief interview with Jessica Hausner, the film's producer).
In English:,

From reading these presentations and reviews, it appears that one can read the film in different ways, perhaps depending on the point of view from which you come to it.

An opportunity to view the film in London is provided by the London Film Festival, where it will be shown on 17th and 20th October. I think it is also featuring at the Toronto Film Festival.

There is at present a paucity of material about the film on the web - but that might change should the film be awarded the top prize on Saturday evening!

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