Friday, 18 September 2009

St Therese: Day 3

This is an extract from the homily preached as St Therese's relics were welcomed to Plymouth Cathedral yesterday:

Yesterday, early afternoon I took a call from a member of the news team at the BBC in London who was very anxious to know what we were doing in Plymouth. He told me they were planning to highlight the visit and perhaps make a permanent record of it. My curiosity couldn’t resist asking him how familiar he was with the story of St Therese to which he replied: “I never heard of her until this morning but with many of my colleagues I am bowled over by her story and the power and clarity of her message”.

“I can see,” he said “why her message is good news and has the power to change lives.”

When I put the phone down I said to myself that’s why St Therese’s relics have been invited to nearly forty countries.

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