Sunday, 21 November 2010

Romford's Royal Heritage

Well, not quite Romford, more like Havering-atte-Bower, which is the former site of a Royal Palace. On Friday last, Zero and I braved the mist and gloom - well, actually, most of the day was quite sunny - to undertake this walk. It isn't anything like the 8 miles suggested, and you never escape the noise of the traffic from surrounding roads - the A12, A127 and M25 are all proximate. Some lovely views at different points of the walk. At this time of year it is definitely a "muddy boots" walk!

The don't make gate posts like they used to! According to the walk leaflet, this is one of the pair of gate posts that is all that remains of the Pyrgo estate. Staying here, according to legend, Henry VIII decided to reinstate his daughters to the line of succession having dined with them here.

About 2 pm, on a north facing slope. The mist never quite cleared from here!

About 40 minutes later!

Heading off along a "permissive way" (as opposed, I suppose, to a "right of way").

As we were heading for home from Bedfords Park, the mist had come down again.

All of this is within a few minutes drive of where we live at the eastern end of London's urban sprawl - so we are quite lucky!

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