Sunday, 18 April 2010

Pope Benedict XVI: Visit to Malta (7)

The Catholic Herald mini-site has some further coverage.

The photogallery - and the estimate that some 100 000 people were on the streets to welcome Pope Benedict to Malta - is useful.

But I am not sure that all of it is that helpful. The coverage at Whispers in the Loggia linked from the page, for example, which seems to talk about something else and makes very little reference to the Malta visit itself - and certainly no reference to the welcome address given by President George Abela. Nice photo, looking over the Pope's shoulder as he greeted school students outside the Presidential palace, though.

The National Catholic Register report from John Allen (error in linking URL from the Catholic Herald page - you need to delete the Catholic Herald part at the front end of the link and keep just the NCR part) is more useful. It does refer to President Abela's address in a way that I feel is fair to what the President said about the abuse of minors, and reports the enthusiastic response of the Maltese that, according to the Vatican's spokesman, is exceeding expectations.

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