Sunday, 11 April 2010

Easter greetings at a Russian football match

Whilst Easter Duties at Selhurst Park did not have any religious intent (though the right side won when I was there, and lost this weekend when I wasn't - fortunately the two teams below Crystal Palace in the relegation scramble also lost this weekend), an Easter Sunday football match in Russia does seem to have included an explicit manifestation of Christian faith.

The first comment to Creative Minority Report's post suggests that the exchange reported was, at least to some extent, a question of good manners. "Christ is risen", with the reply "He is truly risen" being the expected exchange of greetings on that day.

Two aspects of this have caught my attention. One is the use of a greeting in everyday life that is Christian in its origins and meaning. The second is the concept of good manners between the fans of two opposing teams at a football match.

We don't see much of either here in the UK.

H/T Fr Ray

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