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Joseph Holland, innkeeper of Cuerden m. Elizabeth

A good few years ago now, a second cousin of mine put together our family tree on my mother's side. These are my great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandparents on my mother's side. [The question of someone buying property in trust for Joseph Holland relates to the fact that, at the time, Catholics were not allowed to conveyance land or property in their own name.]
Joseph Holland, innkeeper of Cuerden

Buried 4/4/1761 at Leyland Parish Church
Deed of 1756 describes him as Innkeeper of Cuerden, late of Preston. This deed also mentions deed of 1742 when he bought land in Cuerden.
Deed of 1748 Thomas Woodcock Gentleman of Woodcock Hall Cuerden buys a cottage in Cuerden on the west side of the King's Highway from Wigan to Preston in trust for Joseph Holland, Innkeeper of Cuerden. The Inn was situated on the east side of the King's Highway from Wigan to Preston.

Will dated 31/3/1761 Proved 29/1/1766.
Leaves everything to Elizabeth his wife during her natural life so long as she continues in her chaste widowhood. After her death or on her marriage to be divided equally among his children, share and share alike, after all just debts and funeral expenses be paid.

Elizabeth Holland

Born c. 1707
Buried 22/10/1787 at Leyland Parish Church
Papist list 1767 describes her as widow aged 60 who has resided in Leyland parish for 20 years (Cuerden).
Deed dated 20/11/1787 describes her as deceased late in the possession of a cottage on the west side of the King's Highway leading from Wigan to Preston and half rood of land situated in Cuerden.
This is just to show that at least one Catholic in England is English in his Catholicism ....

Now I wonder why I think 19th March is a more important date than 17th March?

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