Friday, 13 March 2009


It is a little while since I went over to visit Diakonia, but, in doing so today, I have found a series of very thoughtful posts. They are at once "theoretical" but at the same time very practical.

The Family, the Vital Cell of Society, presents Catholic teaching about marriage and comments on the legitimization of "de facto" unions;

Courtship - A Concept that Many in Society has Forgotten: The concept of courtship is not the same as dating. For many, the concept of courtship has been replaced by "dating," which has in fact lowered the expectation. For many, dating is not about finding the one that you will spend the rest of your life with, but rather, a means of meeting personal needs and satisfying personal desires (clearly not the same thing).

The post goes on to look at the period of engagement, too, offering this advice early in its list: Check to see if your partner prays, goes to Mass, Confession and is obedient to the Church.

Really a friend or not: compares what we might call "friendship" to what it really is.

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