Sunday, 10 February 2008

A Newsletter Notice

I am having difficulty understanding the following notice which I saw in a parish newsletter this weekend, and was wondering whether anyone could help shed some light on it.
Friday 15th February is Family Fast Day when we are encouraged to FAST [I can understand what this means, though I am not very good at it] and PRAY [I can understand this as well, and might be a bit better at it than I am at fasting, because I try it more often] and think about our relationship with creation. [This is the bit that defeats me.] A retiring collection will be taken up at all Masses next weekend for CAFOD. [I can understand this sentence in isolation, but am struggling to see its connection with thinking about my relationship to creation.]


FatherTF said...

Extraordinary - and there was I preaching about how prayer fasting and almsgiving help us in our relationship with God. I have evidently missed out on the conversio ad creata.

Joe said...

Whether the passage from the newsletter owes its origin to CAFOD or to the author of the newsletter, I do not know. [I wonder whether it was a typo? If so, typos don't come more spectacular than this one!] I, too, am one of those who prefer to contribute to Aid to the Church in Need. Perhaps Fr Tim could let us now how he sends donations from the parish to Cor Unum (cf a post of his on "charities policy" for a parish)?

Anonymous said...

Well CAFOD says it all really!

Rita said...

From the CAFOD website:

"Lent is a time for personal reflection and for changing ourselves. This Fast Day, February 15, we think about changing the way we relate to creation"

I'd like to know what CAFOD want to do which is an any way different/better than the secular charity that I do support, "Practical Action". Helping/educating/empowering people who are having to cope with changing environments and grinding poverty is a must. I just expect more from a Catholic charity. I too would prefer it if our parish charity was ACN, but there isn't a choice and people get so huffy if you dare question CAFOD.