Saturday, 9 February 2008

Film Review: Juno

Today I saw a delightful film at Greenwich Picture House. Ellen Page was enchanting as the teenage, Juno (her Dad had named her after a Roman Goddess), who finds herself with an unplanned pregnancy. It has an upbeat, positive attitude to a situation that is often portrayed as a disaster. The music helps to carry the story line along at a jaunty pace. It is poignant, you will laugh at loud and the film appeals across generations.

The reviews of this film concentrate on the humour, giving the impression that it is largely a comedy. Whilst there is a good deal of dry humour, it also deals quite movingly with how all those involved in the situation (Juno's parents, boyfriend, school friends etc) react to it.

This feel-good film will leave a smile on your face and the catchy music firmly in your head as you leave the cinema. Star rating: 5 out of 5, a "must see".

[review written by a guest poster]

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