Sunday, 25 May 2008

49th International Eucharistic Congress: pilgrimage of the Ark of the New Covenant

Just before going on one trip (to Lourdes), I have been looking ahead to my next one - Quebec for the International Eucharistic Congress in June.

In the final stage of Canada's preparation for the Congress, a group of pilgrims are walking from the national shrine of the Canadian Martyrs to Quebec accompanying the "Ark of the New Covenant". The pilgrimage began on Easter Sunday, and is due to finish today, for the celebration of the Feast of Corpus Christi.

"Salt and Light" television network are covering this pilgrimage, and have posted a series of weekly reports. Go to this link and click on the "Episode" links to find each week's report. I have just watched part of the first week's report and found it rich in witness to our faith in the Eucharist. There are videos covering the first three weeks of the pilgrimage. I am hoping they will eventually post their coverage of the later weeks.

There are also some photos from the start of the pilgrimage here.

There is more coverage, in French, at, the Quebec archidocesan station.

UPDATE 30th May: The link at "Salt and Light" television now shows their programmes for the first five weeks of the pilgrimage of the Ark.

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