Thursday, 17 April 2008

Apostolic visit to West Yorkshire

Veniteadoremus invited me for coffee - but like her, I generally drink tea. As far as helping to explain signal processing - age is affecting my skills in this area, the neurones do not connect as well as they used to, and when they do, the noise tends to drown out any useful signal ... An involved way of saying that it is a LONG time since my physics degree ...

Where am I going to be for the next couple of days? Haworth. Follow the link to the Brontes. I have read everything by Charlotte, but not succeeded in finishing anything by Anne or Emily.

St Anne's, Keighley, is where I am expecting to be at Mass this Sunday (probably Saturday evening, actually).

And on our way back we intend calling on Isaac Newton - well, his birthplace at least. I have to remember to buy some apples to provide the materials for a suitable photo opportunity!

So my next post is likely to be on Sunday or Monday.

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Anonymous said...

Tee hee :)

I'm afraid you won't like Dutch tea much, either.