Monday, 31 March 2008

Eucharistic Adoration: Friday 4th April 2008

Once again, a "first Friday" has rather crept up on me! The icon shown on the poster for this month is one of the icons on the "Ark of the New Covenant" designed for the International Eucharistic Congress in Quebec later this year.

With the children, I intend doing a kind of liturgy of light, with a reading from part of the Exultet. This will be followed by an "action prayer" in which I will ask the children to come up and light a votive candle from the Easter candle, and place it before the altar. I also want to talk to them about genuflecting, and get them to practise this again. This will tie in with suggesting that the Body of Christ present in the Eucharist is the Body of the same Lord who rose from the dead.

With the "grown ups", I plan to use some parts of Pope Benedict's Easter Vigil homily - "turning towards the Lord" will be a very good motif for introducing the Holy Hour. I am also going to try to use a theme suggested in the catechetical materials from the Eucharistic Congress. This is an idea of the "three bodies" of Christ: the corporal body that rose from the dead, the Eucharist as the Body of Christ and the Church as the Body of Christ.

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la mamma said...

Really happy to hear of the Exultet getting a bit more of an airing - I love it. Usually any attention it achieves outwith the Easter Vigil is to slam poor St. Jerome for his 'felix culpa'. May the Morning Star which never set find the flame sill burning'...