Thursday, 7 February 2008

Parents consultation evening; Ann Widdecombe et al at Methodist Central Hall

I spent three and half hours after school today taking part in a parents consultation meeting for our Year 12. I teach fifteen of them A-level Physics. Out of the fifteen, I met the parents of eleven, which I think was a good attendance. These evenings are enjoyable, but exhausting (even for me on a part-time timetable). Don't you just love the parent who gives you their mobile 'phone number and says, "Any problem, please phone at any time"!

My sister has just sent me the following report of the meeting at Methodist Central Hall last night:

Went to the meeting at Methodist Central Hall in Westminster last night and heard Ann Widdecombe, Lord Alton and others talking about the HFE Bill going through Parliament. We are being urged to write to Gordon Brown to ask him to remove the 3 line whip on MPs to vote for the Bill and allow a free vote. We also have to lobby MPs. It was quite exciting as there were protesters outside the building (not pleasant people at all) and they also tried to disrupt the meeting, heckling and chanting and being generally obnoxious. Eventually they were all removed by the stewards.

Nothing new there then.

Tomorrow sees a day trip to Birmingham for a meeting at Maryvale (a 310 mile round trip for those unfamiliar with UK geography). On Saturday morning, "second adolescence" kicks in with an ice skating trip.

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Anonymous said...

Have a great trip to Maryvale! I just love it...& Ann Widdecombe is fab too!