Monday, 4 February 2008

More on the Lenten meme

I have had an opportunity to read one or two other responses to the Lenten meme. Together they make up a thoughtful catechesis on the idea of "giving up something for Lent". They are also very practical, reflecting the experience of the different writers in past years and in the particular circumstances of their lives. More than anything else, though, they communicate the different writers' attempts to take seriously the living of the Christian life where they are at in the world. Or, slightly more theologically, they communicate a real intention to grow in the love of God that can only be inspiring to anyone who reads them.

If anyone has written a response to the meme, please leave a comment on my post "Lenten meme" giving a link to your response. This can then become a "library" that we can all share. If you have not responded, consider yourself tagged! You have a shade over 24 hours ...

Congratulations to la Mamma, meme-deviser-extraordinaire, who I understand put together this very well devised meme.

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