Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Eucharistic Adoration: 7th March

Before one event is finished, the next is on the starting blocks ....

I am not as industrious as I appear! This month I am adapting the meditations and theme from the same time last year (what would I have done in the days before home computing?). We will look at the Eucharist as a re-presentation of the event of Calvary, as we pray the Stations of the Cross. For the children, I have a selection of three or four stations (with pictures) that we will pray during their half hour.


Mac McLernon said...

what would I have done in the days before home computing?

Probably a cut-and-paste job with a photocopier...!

Joe said...

Sadly, I am old enough to remember that predecessor of the photocopier...the banda machine.

Mac McLernon said...

Yup... they were pretty useful too (but not for cut-and-paste)