Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Fides News Agency: reports on the situation in Syria

I have for some time included a link to the Fides News Agency in a side bar. From time to time, Fides carries reports based on news received from Catholics present "on the ground" in difficult situations, thereby offering an insight into events in the news that might not be noted by mainstream media.

Some recent reports on the situation in Syria are particularly pertinent, given the move on the part of the governments of developed nations to start militarily supporting rebel groups in the country. The following reports are in date order of publiction:

ASIA/SYRIA - New report on the civil war: Christians are among the "most vulnerable"

ASIA/SYRIA - Military offensive on refugee camps in the north

ASIA/SYRIA - The "Caliphate" of Saraqib, where Fr. Murad was killed

ASIA/SYRIA - Rape and atrocities on a young Christian in Qusair

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