Sunday, 2 October 2011

London's Eucharistic Procession - a great success

Auntie Joanna reports on yesterday's Eucharistic Procession in London. In the end, I was not able to make it (I still haven't finished moving everything back into my newly installed kitchen!). This appears to have been a great success in every respect - the procession that is, though the new kitchen is also a great success.

Auntie's reports are here, in reverse order of her posting them:  There is a really good report...; History was made...; A huge, unforgettable procession ... . The posts contain links to photographs and to other reports, and give a very good feel for what the day was like. The photographs make the weather look very good - but, in the reality, it was probably too good, with temperatures heading towards 30 degrees Celsius.

The photograph above is taken from this flickr photoset, where you can find more photographs.

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