Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Off Message

Standing up for what you think when you are in a minority - or just being a rather awkward so-and-so? I was recently described in the former terms, and pointed out that the reality was probably the latter. Never mind.

But I am not going to join any bloggers guild because:

1. I am not convinced of its charism - sounds (sorry, reads, looks) more like a nice club for the likeminded.
2. I do not see much point in another forum for traditionalist, or traditionally minded, Catholics to talk to themselves all over again.
3. The language of "guild" and "confraternity" - aghh, so 20th Century, 19th Century, 18th Century .... Come on, get with it!

The story of Blessed Titus Brandsma is, from what little I know of it, quite fascinating. [Note to self: actually read the book about him on the bookshelves!] A charism associated with his name, though, should not be limited to blogging. And I would find it unfortunate to see his charism being appropriated to an essentially traditionalist cause.


Jackie Parkes MJ said...

Have to agree with much that you say!

Joe said...


I had intended to keep clear of this topic, but was prompted on to it by your own post, and suggested personnel.

Rita said...

Looks like we're in danger of having an "no-guild guild", if three of us are thinking the same thing!

Fr John Abberton said...

Joe, I agree. Something rather worrying seems to happening of late with some blogs. This apparent attempt to gather together the like-minded into some sort of blog-ring is dangerous. I also would not join anything of that kind but then some "traditionalists" (I do not say all of them) would not want me anyway

Joe said...

A thought: perhaps, in the spirit of events at the John Snow, we should organise a "blog-in" to coincide with the planning meeting that some will be attending?