Friday, 30 May 2008

The Choir of the (Orthodox) diocese of Kostroma, and other music in Lourdes

At the International Mass on Wednesday, and also at the Eucharistic Procession and Rosary Procession, the choir of the diocese of Kostroma sang. At the International Mass, the Russian Orthodox bishop who represents the Moscow Archdiocese in Paris was present, as the choir sang. The main celebrant was the Bishop of Rennes - after he had kissed the book of the Gospels, it was taken to be kissed by the Russian Orthodox Bishop. The profession of faith took the form of the Baptismal interrogation rather than the Nicene Creed (with the "filoque", not shared by the Orthodox churches). Together, these showed an important Ecumenical sensitivity and courtesy. I noticed it, but I suspect that most of those present will have missed the significance of it.

If the organ in your parish Church is on its last legs, how about replacing it with .... an mp3 player operated from the sanctuary by remote control? .... or perhaps a set of Alpine horns? Again, a visiting "orchestra" of Alpine horns played at some of the cermonies during the week. They do have beautifully rich and orchestral sound to them.

Boyce and Stanley were out with Birmingham Diocese, so they sang Behold the Lamb, the song they composed for the Eucharistic Congress in Birmingham a year or two ago, at one of the Eucharistic Processions.

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