Monday, 21 April 2008

Visit to West Yorkshire

This last weekend, we went on a visit to Haworth, West Yorkshire. This is the village very much associated with Charlotte, Emily and Anne Bronte.

A name check on the way to Haworth. It was very cold as I stood for this photo!

The parish Church at Haworth - re-built since the days of the Bronte sisters. We called here before visiting the Parsonage, where the Bronte family lived. The Parsonage is now owned by the Bronte Society, who open it as a museum. Many of the rooms contain original furniture or items associated with the family. The museum communicates a good idea of the characters of the family, without overloading visitors with too much information.

On the moors above Haworth, Saturday afternoon. A cold wind, but air a lot fresher than in Romford!

At the Bronte waterfalls - a favourite destination of the Bronte sisters on their walks. The stream is not the waterfall as such, which is not at all spectacular, and is to the left as you look at these photos. The bridge was re-built in the 1980's after a flash flood, though a similar bridge did exist at the time the Bronte sisters visited on their walks.

And some young lambs on the way back down to Haworth. Ahhh...

On the way back, our original plan had been to visit Woolsthorpe Manor, the birthplace of Sir Isaac Newton. A change of plan occurred because, on our way up to Haworth, we had passed very near to the National Coal Mining Museum for England. So that is where we called on Sunday morning, on our way back home. This is a superb museum, and a visit includes an underground visit - with hard hat, lamp, check and then being taken down in a cage. As you tour the mine you follow the history of mining from the 1820's up to the modern day. There is also plenty to see above ground. My interest derived from the fact that my Dad had been a Bevin boy at the end of the second world war (ie, when he was called up at age 18 he had to go down the pit instead of joining the armed forces).

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Great post...I think we were a little warmer last week!