Saturday, 21 May 2016

It's unbelievable ....

... that the Chief Executive of the Royal College of Midwives in the UK should suggest that abortion is part of a midwife's calling (reported today in several print/online media sources).

It is also disingenuous of the Chief Executive to at the same time argue that her position does not mean that the RCM is in favour of or opposed to abortion, that it is a neutral position. Cathy Warwick's position is one that clearly favours the free availability of abortion. It is a pro-abortion position, and she should be honest enough to say so.

The petition at this link allows separate sign up for those who are midwives and those who are members of the general public. The link also provides updated background to the story of the RCM Chief Executive's decision to add RCM support to a campaign to remove any limits on the availability of abortion in the UK.

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