Monday, 19 November 2012

"Missiles understand neither ethics nor morality"

This page at the website of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem gives some idea of the experience of living in Gaza under the Israeli bombardment: Gaza - Update on the Offensive: Day 6.
The attentive reader will ask: how are the people? What kind of experience are they living? In a word, they are scared, and it cannot be otherwise. Missiles understand neither ethics nor morality. They do not distinguish between young and old, between Christians and Muslims, between men and women … they simply fall and destroy. When we hear the planes and missiles, we experience a very great inner distress, and for some, a relief to see that they have not been hit. Always with the same question: “Until when?” The people want nothing more than simply to live their lives. We ask all leaders to let Gaza live in peace!

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bill bannon said...

Didn't the Gazans elect Hamas...knowing the nature of Hamas? If they just wanted to live, why did they elect Hamas?