Friday, 25 May 2012

Diversity champions?

Trads beware!

If one sees this from Vatican II - where now?
The easy answer to the question ‘where now’ is ‘nowhere in particular’. The Ordinary Magisterium will continue slowly to rein in the power that the Bishops think that they have.
or perhaps this:
For many years now priests and others have attempted always to prove their Church "street cred" by referring back to the documents of the Council, as if someone is looking over their shoulder at all times and requiring that they do so to prove their loyalty to the "company program". I have never felt so free as a priest now that I no longer use the Council as a wall in the past [,] the immense and beckoning vista beyond which I cannot see.
Can one really blame the proponents of Ireland assembly of religious and laypeople calls for open church, re-evaluation?
"It's about looking to a new church where the voice of the faithful, the voice of the laity, is heard more clearly as the Second Vatican Council wanted to happen," O'Hanlon said.

Asked whether he thought the Vatican was willing to listen to the voices calling for change around the ordination of women and an end to mandatory celibacy, he said "without trying we'll never know."

He said the vision of Second Vatican Council had to be fully realized: "If you have co-responsibility, you have to have some power. You can't ask people to be responsible without power...."
Remember, the context of the Year of Faith called by Pope Benedict XVI is the anniversary of the Second Vatican Council. So, dear Trads, if you wish to abandon the Council as a reference point for the Catholic Church of the present times, please don't try and claim that to do so is in line with the project of Pope Benedict XVI. And don't, either, complain if those of a liberal inclination wish, at the same time, to disregard the Council while speaking in its name. If you want to be a champion of diversity ...

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