Wednesday, 28 December 2011

""If we glorify God, we shall enjoy his peace": Patriarch Twal's Christmas homily

Our faiths – Muslim, Jew and Christian – are as one in saying that the adoration of God is a fundamental duty of love: “Give to the Lord, you sons of God, give to the Lord glory and might; give to the Lord the glory due his name. Bow down before the Lord’s holy splendor!” (Ps 29:1-2)

As I am usually wont to say, it is important to read the whole and not rely on an extract. The homily preached by Patriarch Fouad Twal, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, for Christmas Day can be found on the website of the Patriarchate, here.

The homily has some very clear political references. For readers in Europe or the United States, those references are instructive.

At a time when Christians in other countries of the Middle East feel threatened, there is an interesting report on the Patriarchate site of a visit by the King of Jordan to a majority Christian town in order to offer Christmas greetings to the people of the town, and through them, to the whole people of the Kingdom of Jordan, and to Christians in general: The King of Jordan meets Christians at Fuheis. This is the King's first such visit. As Patriarch Twal said on that occasion, the model of life in Jordan is a good example of mutual respect, respect for the rights and freedom of each one. It is also an example that cannot be ignored in the Middle East.

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