Sunday, 30 September 2012

Where on earth?

A real challenge this week! And, yes, photographs taken yesterday while Zero and I were on a day out.

This is not quite the clever photograph for the week .... but if you look carefully you can see through the Church (that is indeed what it is) to the trees behind it.
This is the clever photograph for the week. I will be discrete about what Zero chose to read (or, if I am honest, I can't remember, no short term memory ...), but do look at the reflections in the window.

Yours truly meditating on the mystery of life. St Catherine of Siena has an important reflection on the Christ as the bridge reaching between heaven and earth, across the waters of the deep, with a hostelry of Holy Church on the way across. What I was actually doing, though, was listening to the sound of the water running over the weir beneath the bridge ....

And the last for readers of a certain age, and as a hint as to where on earth we were....

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Joe said...

Looking at these photographs again .... I am very lucky to live in a metropolis and yet be as near as I am to lovely places like those shown here.