Saturday, 3 September 2011

Last minute slip

Many years ago now I was best man at my brother's wedding. Because of the inter-cultural nature of this event (ie French speaking Belgian), I needed to do a speech in French in a context where the idea of the best man's speech was quite unfamiliar. I was caught by the mother of the bride a few moments before this desperately reading through my little cards - as I explained - trying to make sure that I didn't slip accidentally into Italian at any point.

Apparently, I made it - until the very last sentence, when I slipped into Italian.

Tonight - I couldn't wait - at the first participation in Mass in the new English translation a similar thing happened. I DID remember "The Word of the Lord" at the end of the reading I was asked to do. The very last "and with your spirit", just before the final blessing, was where I lost my concentration and let slip an "also with you".

Must try better next time!


Anonymous said...

Our reader unfortunately said "This"...but my own performance at the very beginning of Mass was much worse! lol

Anonymous said...

Full marks for trying! Practice makes perfect!