Thursday, 17 February 2011

Lambourne End

It should really be a film title, shouldn't it? It was the start and end point of the walk that Zero and I did last weekend. It is worth remembering that all of this is just 10 minutes drive from where we live.

The first part of this walk is in Hainault Forest. An emergency call to start with, necessitating a diversion from the planned route:

The route of the planned first part of our walk shown in red, the diversion in blue:

Next, it was the meadows behind the rather posh houses of Chigwell Row (in effect, their back gardens):

Didn't get a photograph of the waterworks, though, as the map above suggests, there are lovely views across east London from that part of the walk. The section of the walk from Old Farm up to Pudding Lane takes you up a hill that also gives good views behind you across east London and, to your left, over towards the southernmost end of the M11.

And ending here, back where we had begun, for dinner:

Muddiness rating: moderate.

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