Friday, 21 January 2011

Zero's 50th birthday

Some people celebrate a 50th birthday by doing adventurous things like a weekend in Paris.

Zero went to Ingatestone, for a muddy walk.

This was NOT the muddiest section of the walk - too busy negotiating the pigs and the whole of the boots immersed in mud to take photos at the muddiest part!

Boots after emerging from the farm yard, pigs etc.

Early in our walk we visited St Mary's Church, Buttsbury, a short distance from our starting point of Ingatestone Hall.

The Church in today's lovely sunshine.

View from the Church looking back towards Ingatestone.

A view inside the Church.

After the meander through muddy fields, farm yards etc, we arrived at another Church, St Giles, Mountnessing. With the sun going behind some cloud, the temperature had dropped somewhat by now so it was too cold for us to sit long over "lunch" (3 pm, by this time - the unscheduled sausage roll and tea break BEFORE we started walking - at about 12 noon - original estimated time of start was 10.30 am! - also helped cause this). We have visited St Giles on previous walks from Ingatestone, so no new photographs.

It was then to dinner at Margaretting.

And from there to home, for the ceremony of the cutting of The Cake.

First, Zero dressed to match the colour scheme of The Cake. (The £20 note also happened to match the colour scheme, and so was enlisted into the photograph.)

Then, the lighting and blowing out of candles.

The Cake was splendid to taste!

Welcome, Zero, to the "second half century" club!


Francis said...

Love the new design for the blog, Joe.

Joe said...

A rather simple reason for the change of template. The old template didn't let me change the width of the sidebar to accomodate images ... this template lets me do that.

It is quite neat, though.

Francis, do read the "Weekend" section in today's Times .... rather appropriate in the light of this post!