Sunday, 5 September 2010

Catholic Voices vs Protest the Pope

Independent Catholic News are carrying two reports of this debate, held at the invitation of the Central London Humanist Group and the British Humanist Association. The first is a report by Jo Siedlecka and the second a text of the speech given during the debate by Fr Christopher Jamieson.

From all appearances, this looks to have been a very useful engagement by Catholic Voices on behalf of the Catholic Church and the forthcoming visit of Pope Benedict XVI.

UPDATE: There is more coverage of this debate here. This coverage suggests that it took quite a bit of courage for those supportive of the Papal visit, and of the Catholic Church in general, to express their views. "Bear pit" is the descriptor used.

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Left-Footer said...

Thanks for this very useful piece. Have tweeted it and your 2 links. God bless!