Friday, 25 September 2015

Pope Francis to the US Congress and to the United Nations

I think Abbey Roads is right - stay away from the "the naysayers, the doomsayers, the schism-mongers, the negative-mean-spirited people who seem to be so convinced of their own righteousness and despise everyone else.  Those who bind up heavy burdens too heavy to carry without lifting a finger to help..... We know who we are."

Go straight to the source.

Pope Francis to the United States Congress.

Pope Francis to the United Nations.

Pope Francis visit to the United States Congress has a parallel to the visit of Pope Benedict to the Palace of Westminster during the visit to the United Kingdom in 2010. The warmth of the reception given to the visiting Pope on both occasions is remarkable. Where Pope Benedict's audience was very strictly non-partisan in responding to his words, it would appear that the members of Congress were very obviously partisan as sections of the audience applauded different parts of the address. I have printed off both addresses to study side by side.
I have just read the address to the United Nations. I loved it. I don't think anyone can read that text and not recognise that Pope Francis' teaching on ecological questions is firmly integrated with a teaching on the dignity and rights of each and every human person - the "integral ecology" of Laudato si  - and clearly distinct from any merely ideological or political motivation. The sense of the Holy See's engagement with the Agenda for Sustainable Development has, I think, a clear outline in this address.
Viva Papa Franceso!

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