Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Syria: intervention would be a disaster

The media coverage of the response to the chemical weapons attack in the suburbs of Damascus last week has been developing in a rather familiar way. The promised publication  of intelligence data that will prove the responsibility of the Assad regime .... the close contact between a British Prime Minister and an American President .... resolutions at the United Nations Security Council, with every indication that the UK/US axis will go ahead with military action whatever the outcome of the votes on those resolutions ..... indeed, the very same sense that the decision to launch a military intervention has already in essence been taken.

Pope Francis renews call for peace in Syria

ASIA/SYRIA - Nobel Prize Laureate Maguire: "A military action will destabilize the Middle East, we need a political solution"

Christians in the Middle East unanimously oppose potential raid on Syria

SYRIA: Patriarch says give peace a chance

Chaldean Patriarch Sako: Intervention against Syria would be "a disaster"

Pope to receive Jordan's King Abdullah

And some quality reporting of the position of the Holy See, courtesy of La Croix: Le Saint-Siège profondément opposé à une intervention militaire en Syrie

If the US and UK do launch missile attacks on the military forces of the Assad regime, the consequences are going to be carried primarily by the people of Syria itself, and of the neighbouring countries. What do those peoples wish for? As the reports above suggest, their desire is not for an escalation in warfare but for a real effort at peace and reconciliation.

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