Thursday, 15 August 2013

Come Let us Adore Him: Cologne 15 August 2005 - 15th August 2013

Photographs like this one from Rio de Janeiro ...

..... have reminded me of this one from Cologne ....

and the respective logos, both of which express something of the Catholic culture of the respective cities:

On 15th August 2005, Zero and I arrived at the main railway station in Cologne to join the events of World Youth Day.

These photos prove that we were there for the Vigil and Mass celebrated by Pope Benedict XVI to conclude that World Youth Day.


Today, we are back in Cologne - just for the day - arriving there within an hour or two of exactly eight years since we arrived there for WYD 2005.
I have no hesitation in saying what a wonderful thing I believe World Youth Day to be. No hesitations or qualifications whatsoever. The celebrations of the Way of the Cross and Eucharistic Adoration during the evening vigil strike me as being absolute models of how devotions that have a long history in the life of the Church (ie are "traditional" with a small "t") can be re-presented anew, in a way that speaks to the culture of our own times.  This song sung during the Adoration in Rio (H/T Stella Maris) captures everything of this. It would not be a good choice of song to be sung during the Liturgical Celebration of Mass - but it is absolutely right for a time of Adoration. The singer faces Christ in the Eucharist as he sings, kneeling. Everything points towards the Lord .....

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