Sunday, 8 April 2012

Small print

By the time this post appears, we might have learnt the answer.

But it would be interesting to know exactly what these paragraphs of the BBC News report refer to. I heard it first, exactly as posted in the website, on Radio 4 Thursday morning, though I then heard the word "too" as the word "two".
Health Secretary Andrew Lansley ordered the CQC checks after concerns were raised about consent forms being pre-signed.

The inspectors visited nearly 300 abortion providers in England over three days in March, and found about 50 were not complying with laws or regulations.

Several doctors were referred to the General Medical Council, and police have been investigating too, to establish whether criminal offences have been committed.
The Channel 4 News report, which suggests that the CQC was itself one of the organisations whose concerns led to the visits to abortion providers, can be found here.

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