Wednesday, 25 April 2012

I want to see this!

In 2007-2008, the British Museum hosted an exhibition of The Terracotta Army. This included a number of original figures from the archaelogical site itself. The exhibition was stunning, not just because of the rarity of the opportunity to see these figures in London, but because of the way they were displayed. Having weaved your way through the first part of the exhibition, the highlight was the display of the full size figures themselves, which "appeared" as you rounded the corner. They were displayed in the centre of the room and you were able to walk round them (at a short distance, and on the other side of an alarmed cord!) and view them from all sides. The figures would have probably gripped the visitor anyway; but the manner of their display meant that they fascinated and held the visitor completely. I can still visualise it now, some four years later.

Her Majesty the Queen has today opened the newly restored Cutty Sark at Greenwich. It, too, looks as if it is now being displayed in a quite stunning way.  A set of images can be seen here, the first image giving a real sense of the ship floating on a glass roof that gives the impression of being water. The video report here also helps give an idea of how it looks. The website of the Royal Maritime Museum has a page with visitor information for the Cutty Sark.

It will be hard to resist going to see it this weekend, even if I can only see it from the outside.


Joe said...

Tickets bought for Saturday ... Yay!

Anonymous said...

zero says
I hope ths "immersive experience" doesn't induce nausea-i'm not so good on boats!

Joe said...

Zero: You.ll be fine, as long as you leave your high heels behind. These are, according to the terms and conditions, not allowed on the ship "due to the nature of decks, gratings and companionways".