Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Gay activism and reversed intolerance

Alan Craig has posted an exchange of e-mails between himself and and the acting editor of Pink News, under the title Stonewall's Yellow Star? The e-mails make reference to an article that Alan wrote for the Church of England Newspaper, and which he also published on his blog.

I quote from the e-mail sent by Pink News to Mr Craig:
Concerns have been raised that, inter alia, an instruction for people to “rise up” against gay “leaders” could be construed as an incitement to hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation.
I have just carefully read Alan Craig's piece as published on his blog, and nowhere in that piece is there any call for people to rise up against gay leaders. I say that again, in bold, so there can be no misunderstanding: nowhere in that piece is there any call for people to rise up against gay leaders.

This is how Alan ends his piece:
Now is the time for people of courage to rise up and defend marriage, our children and the very foundations of our civilisation.
To attempt to construe this in the way that Pink News are doing involves a certain looseness with the actualite, as one might say. Others might have said this about Mr Craig's piece, but the piece itself says nothing of the sort.

Whilst I might have written the article in a rather different way, I do nevertheless believe that Mr Craig has a perfectly correct analysis in suggesting that gay rights activists are responsible for a reverse bullying and intolerance applied to those who oppose their aims. The archetypal example of this is the one that Mr Craig himself cites in his reply to Pink News - Stonewall's "Bigot of the Year" award.

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