Friday, 25 March 2011

Libya: the bombs are not working

I feel that I have not really been able to understand the nature of the events in Libya, be that the uprising against Colonel Ghadaffi or the subsequent launch of an airborne war against Colonel Ghadaffi's forces.

ZENIT are carrying a report that summarises statements by the Apostolic Vicar in Tripoli:
According to the apostolic vicar of Tripoli, the bombings by European forces are not resolving anything and the international community would do well to turn to the African Union to provide a peaceful solution.

Bishop Giovanni Martinelli told Fides: "I have trust in African wisdom to resolve the crisis. The Europeans delude themselves that they can resolve this matter with bombs. We need to allow room for mediation by the African Union."
The ZENIT report is based on a series of statements made over recent days by Bishop Martinelli to the Fides News Agency. These statements can be accessed from the right hand side of this page on the Fides site. This particular report refers to the situation of migrant workers caught up in the events, and the work of the Catholic community in Tripoli in their regard.
Those participating in our celebrations now are only African immigrants. And it is always a beautiful testimony of faith in this difficult time.

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