Sunday, 13 March 2011

26th March 2011: will you be joining us?

This march is being organised by the Trades Union Congress. Website here explains reasons for the march, and here gives details of the logistics.. Zero and I are not sure which of our respective unions we will walk with yet. Mine is offering facilities and refreshments before assembling on the Embankment ... We are both of an age to be very aware of the injustice of suddenly taking away a chunk of our pensions, as well as asking us to pay more for them (well, in truth, to pay more to help pay off the deficit). And we are both in professions - NHS and teaching - where the promised "protection" of front line services is turning out to be rather a smokescreen for real and significant cuts as 2011-12 budget figures become available.

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Francis said...

We'll be marching with The Woodcraft Folk, Joe.