Saturday, 9 October 2010


.... can have some delight added to them by the venue.

The Schools Forum on Tuesday was engaged in some study of the rules by which the local authority allocates funding to individual schools; all of this being overshadowed by 20th October (announcement of those bits of the cuts in the Comprehensive Spending Review that have not been unveiled ahead of time to soften up the populace), after which there will no doubt be rather less to be allocated. Believe it or not, Eastbury Manor House is tucked away in a square just a stone's throw from the (very busy) A13 and a three or four minute drive from Barking town centre. It's location couldn't really be much more "East End", but you wouldn't think so from the photograph.

My trade union has an annual two day residential Branch Secretaries Conference (this year also overshadowed by 20th October). Again, the venue, Crewe Hall (history here), was everything.

And the inside of the old building, including a chapel (the venue is used for weddings):

The morning after the night before (the house had hosted our dinner, a wedding reception and another dinner on the Friday evening):

We were, of course, far too busy to have time to make use of the leisure and spa facilities. And, in case you think we were wasting our members subscriptions on unnecessary expense, I am sure our conference organiser negotiated us an economic deal with the hotel.

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