Saturday, 27 March 2010

Jessica Hausner's Lourdes - or, what blogging is about

Blogging does have a danger - that of talking to oneself. Or, rather, that of only reading or engaging with blogs that say exactly the same things as you want to say yourself. It can be - and some bloggers are more deliberate about this than others - an attempt to engage in a dialogue with contemporary culture.

One of the interesting things about Jessica Hausner's film Lourdes is precisely that it represents an engagement from a non-religious point of view with a phenomenon that is religious. I have already posted about it, but have been finding it quite interesting to see other blogs commenting on it too. And not saying the same things as I have said about it.

Unusual take on "Lourdes"

I think I offer another point of view

Lourdes: an exercise in theodicy

Lourdes: a new movie

Jessica Hausner talks about Lourdes

Odds and Ends (from which you can find my earlier comments)

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