Friday, 19 February 2010

They're ashes for Ash Wednesday ...

I know not everyone thinks Joe Biden is the bees knees as far as being a Catholic in public life is concerned, but the video in this post at Dolphinarium makes interesting viewing: They're ashes for Ash Wednesday, you twit! I do suggest that you persevere through the video clip to the very end - offer it up for Lent - and enjoy the closing seconds as your reward.

Would you or I have appeared on national television news coverage displaying ashes on our foreheads?


Anonymous said...

Now what was that German word I can never remember....Schadenfreude was it?

Red Maria said...

I don't know what it is about priests or me, for that matter but whenever I've been next in the receiving line for my ashes, the priest always but always sticks his finger into the dish for some fresh ashes and daubes my forehead with the largest, ashiest mark of the lot.

At school I used to curse my luck for not having a fringe.